Tresham is a small village in Gloucestershire, England.  It lies in the Cotswolds, south-east of the town of Wotton-Under-Edge.  Tresham is located close to the Cotswold Way, and its high ground and attractive natural environment make it a popular site for walkers.  Its landscape is made up of gently rolling hills and naturally occurring limestone.  Tresham’s economy remains largely agricultural, and the village has several farms.  Tresham is relatively undeveloped, and its old cottages and late-19th century church still stand today.  Tresham was originally considered to be part of Gloucestershire.  However, between 1972 and 1991 it was governed by Avon.  In 1991, the village was returned to Gloucestershire.  It is now part of Stroud government district and the Hillesley and Tresham parish.